Oh boy what a ride this has been over the last few days…. I spent the last week making sure I had every part of what I needed stocked up… just incase, because people tell you to be prepared, I hadn’t really expected what happened and was living in blissful ignorance of the potential that unleashing a product on country calendar can actually be huge!

I spent the day before CC aired having enormous fun with friends serving drinks at The Banquet festival in Hanmer springs.. It was the the calm before the storm!

I returned Sunday lunchtime ready to get a small feed of pulled lamb rolls and coleslaw for our family and friends to enjoy with a gin in hand ready for the country calendar episode…

And so 7pm rolled in… we all took our positions and the theme tune started to play… Oh my how weird it is to hear your name being said by the all familiar voice of Dan Henry the producer. We had spent 5 days with the film crew in January and I am to this moment still amazed that they edited my continual chatting down to 23 mins! As the programme rolled out, I felt an ever glow of respect and admiration for my husband who was so out of his comfort zone to even agree in doing this… but he was killing it! He became the true star of the episode and I have never felt so in awe and proud of him. I also had that warm motherly glow as I watched with pride my children also show a maturity and natural ability to feel comfortable in front of the cameras!

After the show, I finally relented to the phone and checking the website hits…. it was completely overwhelmed and crashed not once or twice but three times over the next 20 hours!!!! The stats starting to come through are showing enormous traffic to the website and that added layer of stress probably just added to the whole unpredictability!

So here we are 48 hours after the viewing, the website is strong and running well…I have been utterly overwhelmed and humbled by the comments and messages from family, friends and viewers alike and I now find myself in a perpetual state of addressing all orders with personnel touches, fulfilling the said orders, increasing my brand awareness throughout the country and find myself now back into making gin to keep the orders flowing….


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