The first Shearwater donation…

When I created this small business of mine, one of my visions was to give back to the local community by donating to worthy causes. It is with great delight that I can share with you that after a year of shearwater gin sales I have been able to donate just under $1500 to the Kaikōura Wildlife trust. This amazing organisation is run single handedly by Sabrina Lücht who looks after sick and injured seabirds.

August is the start of the Hutton Shearwater breeding season and Sabrina becomes busy with these little birds who can become disorientated by the towns lights at night and crash land on the road or any sick Hutton’s who are on their way back to Kaikōura to breed. She tends to them, rehabilitates them and releases them when ready. All this comes at a cost and this money has gone to providing shelter and medicines for these birds when needed.

Thank you to all the Shearwater gin drinkers, each and every one of you have contributed to this awesome cause, it was incredibly gratifying to donate on your behalf to such a worthy cause…..

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